What started as simply 16 condominium units for sale has evolved into a two pool community with people sharing sunsets on balconies, playing billiards in the penthouse of an owner, and taking nature walks in the Tropical Greenways surrounding the community.

The community feel of Flamingo Towers continues to grow with the addition of new owners and people sharing of common areas and information. Groups of owners drive down the hill together to beautiful Flamingo Beach and Coco Loco Beach Restaurant for sunsets, boogie boarding, and body surfing.

The gardens are being expanded and increased with the recently nominated owner committee to bring more of the natural beauty surrounding the community into the common areas. This will allow the community to become more harmonious with nature and increase the already plentiful wildlife surrounding the condos.

With each passing day, the development transforms more into a community and a family atmosphere. As owners become friends, neighbors, and family the harmony and peacefulness of the community thrive and strengthen those bonds.

Don’t miss your opportunity to become part of the family atmosphere at Flamingo Towers. We are all waiting for our new friends, family, and neighbors to join us in our dream homes. Come join our family today and live a lifetime dream with amazing views.



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